Twitter makes pinned DMs available to all users: see how it works

Twitter is making pinned DMs available to all users. The feature was previously restricted to Twitter Blue subscribers. Twitter is among the most popular social media platforms in the world, with a user base of over 300 million monthly active users. That said, the social network still falls less than Facebook and Instagram, which have 2.9 billion and more than a billion monthly active users, respectively. Of course, the Twitter use case is different. The purpose of Twitter is to allow users to share their opinions and chat, rather than posting updates on their personal lives.

In 2021, Twitter launched the Twitter Blue subscription model, offering users exclusive perks for a monthly fee. Twitter Blue was initially launched in Australia and Canada and launched in the US in November 2021. The subscription service costs $2.99 ​​per month. Twitter Blue offers subscribers a number of features such as Favorites where users can organize saved tweets in custom folders. There is also an undo tweet option, which gives users the ability to preview and modify your tweet before it is published. Users can set a 30-second timer during which they have the opportunity to click ‘Undo’ on a tweet. Other features include a reader mode for long threads, customizable app icons and color themes, and support for dedicated customer.

Given that pinned messages were initially a unique feature of Twitter Blue, it’s strange to see it being made available to the general public. Twitter announced that all of its users will now have the ability to pin up to six conversations to their message inbox. The feature has already been released and is available on Android, iOS and the web. In the Twitter app for Android and iOS, the method for pinning a tweet is the same. Users will need to open their DMs and long press any conversation. This will bring up a popup, from where the user needs to select “Pin conversation”. Users can repeat the process to pin up to six conversations. The remaining DMs appear under “All conversations”.

When visiting Twitter on the web, users will need to click the “Messages” button in the left column to open their Twitter inbox. They’ll have to click on the three dots icon next to any conversation and select ‘Pin Conversation’.’ Unpinning a conversation works the same way. Users will need to click on the three dots icon in a web pinned message or long press a conversation in the Twitter app and select “Unpin conversation”.

Pinned DMs may not be useful for all Twitter users, especially if they don’t use the private messaging feature much or have a relatively low number of followers. However, for accounts with a large follower count, keeping track of the private conversations that matter can get difficult as it requires the user to enter a username to search for a specific message. The ability to pin messages isn’t the only recent change Twitter has brought to DMs. In August 2021, Twitter introduced some new features to its app, such as the ability to tweet up to 20 people separately. A quick scroll button to jump to the most recent message in a private conversation has been added, as well as the ability to press and message to add a reaction.

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