Samsung says pixelated glitch on S22 Ultra can be fixed

Samsung acknowledged the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s screen glitch and said it will release a fix soon. Launched earlier this month alongside the S22 and S22 Plus, the S22 Ultra is the crown jewel in Samsung’s 2022 smartphone lineup. It’s the first Galaxy S-series device to ship with a built-in S Pen and the Samsung is looking to replace the Galaxy Note line.

Having opened pre-orders on February 9, Samsung started shipping the Galaxy S22 Ultra early to a few lucky buyers who pre-booked their units. display bug on your devices. Fortunately, it appears to be a software glitch that Samsung says can be fixed with an update.

Following multiple reports of the glitch on social media sites and on Samsung’s own support forums, the company has confirmed that it is a software issue and will be fixed via a future OTA update. According to a post on a Samsung forum (re-hosted on Reddit), the issue was identified and replicated by Samsung engineers, who are now working on developing a patch for it. As for when users can expect the update, Samsung said it will happen “soon,” but there’s still no exact ETA for it. Until the update is released, Samsung is recommending that users change the display mode to ‘Vivid’ or the resolution to FHD+ as a temporary workaround.

Reports about the screen bug started appearing on social media, online forums and Samsung forums earlier this month. As per the report, a blinking pixelated line appears horizontally at the bottom of the screen when the refresh rate and screen resolution are set The error mainly occurs when trying to unlock the screen using fingerprint scanner or watching YouTube.

Most devices affected by the issue are powered by the Exynos 2200 chip, though it’s not immediately clear whether the Snapdragon variant is immune to the issue. The model is being sold in the US and South Korea. Regardless of whether both variants are affected or just the Exynos model, owners should be relieved to know it’s just a software issue. Samsung will take to release a fix.

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