Samsung Galaxy A33: release date, price and specs

The next budget smartphone is coming and the Galaxy A33 seems to be packed with great tech at an affordable price. For a few hundred dollars, a brand-new phone with an updated processor and improved cameras always sounds good, and the latest model is unlikely. and photos and specs have already leaked.

Samsung’s flagship phones are well known. The Z Flip 3 and Z Fold 3 have a remarkable ability to fold to half the size and unfold to double the width, respectively. The other flagship series, Samsung’s Galaxy S, includes top-of-the-line camera sets with an incredible 100x hybrid zoom. Loaded with super-fast Qualcomm Snapdragon processors, Corning Gorilla Glass Victus protection, and bright, high-res displays with 120Hz refresh rates, these are dream phones. The only downside is the cost and many buyers can’t or want to spend $1,000 or more on a smartphone. Fortunately, Samsung also makes high-end phones for under $400. While they’re not as flashy as the Z and S lines, they’re still great phones.

Samsung’s Galaxy A33 is expected to arrive soon, having received FCC certification in January, as reported by GSMArena. Samsung’s Galaxy A32 launched in January 2021, but fans are still waiting for its successor, which could appear at the Awesome Unpacked 2022 event. It looks like late March is the most likely time for the Galaxy A33 to be announced. Photos were leaked on Twitter by OnLeaks as early as November 2021, and while the Galaxy A32 was available in both standard and 5G versions, the Galaxy A33 is expected to only be available with 5G. Of course, this makes sense with 5G being more widespread now.

Samsung’s Galaxy A33 is rumored to offer a 6.4-inch display. While slightly smaller than the 6.5-inch size of the A32 5G, it could feature a higher resolution display and AMOLED. That would be a big step, if true, in offering a brighter, more vivid and sharper display. While the processor is currently unknown, a mid-range MediaTek chip is likely. in the $350 to $400 price range, keeping the phone a very affordable option.

Another interesting rumor suggests that the Galaxy A33 will not have a headphone jack. Even though some users might miss it, it offers a greater opportunity for water resistance. An IP rating of 67 is expected, which would be great news, potentially extending the life of the phone. Samsung has been improving its image processing software for its flagship devices recently, and the Galaxy A33 could benefit from some of these updates as well.

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