OnePlus 10 Pro Fails Durability Test: Watch the flagship phone curve and snap

The OnePlus 10 Pro spectacularly fails a warp test by YouTuber Zack Nelson of popular channel JerryRigEverything. The flagship OnePlus was launched in China in January 2022, but it has yet to debut in global markets. There have been several rumors and reports of a possible March release in other countries, but nothing has been officially confirmed so far. It’s unclear why OnePlus hasn’t released the phone worldwide, especially since it’s among the few flagships to feature the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset. There’s no known reason for the phone’s limited release, but it could be due to the global shortage of semiconductors.

Unfortunately for OnePlus, its first flagship of 2022 has already received a bad reputation ahead of a global launch. The JerryRigEverything YouTube channel has over 7.2 million subscribers and is famous for the durability tests Nelson performs on smartphones, ranging from sharp blades to fire. Earlier this year, he tested OPPO’s Find N foldable phone, which withstood dust and force surprisingly well. The phone didn’t break even when Nelson tried to fold it back when unfolded.

Unfortunately, the OnePlus 10 Pro didn’t perform as well in Nelson’s durability test. JerryRigTudo In the channel below, the phone showed visible cracks on the back panel when the YouTuber first tried to bend the phone. The cracks were concentrated in a straight line just below the stove’s camera module, although the screen continued to function despite visible damage. At the second turn, the OnePlus 10 Pro split in half along the initial glitch, which also left the phone completely dead except for the LED flash module which miraculously survived.

According to Nelson, the lack of a solid frame is what contributed to the OnePlus 10 Pro’s early demise. He notes that the phone’s 5,000mAh battery runs the entire length of the device, leaving a small gap between the phone and the phone. Hasselblad camera module. it leaves only the frame to withstand the impact of any force. It also means the phone is susceptible to breakage if a heavy weight is placed on top of it, such as if a user sits down with the phone in their back pocket. The Metal Exterior The OnePlus 10 Pro’s frame looks surprisingly thin and fragile when watching the complete teardown.

On the bright side, the OnePlus 10 Pro didn’t fare too badly in Nelson’s other tests. The phone’s Gorilla Glass Victus screen starts to show scratches at level 6 on the Mohs hardness scale, with deeper ridges appearing at level 7. The in-screen optical fingerprint scanner continued to work fine despite the area being heavily scratched, which is Another plus point. In the burn test, the screen lasted about 40 seconds under a lighter flame before showing a permanent burn mark.

It’s surprisingly difficult to break a phone in half with one person’s hands, and the fact that the OnePlus 10 Pro showed little resistance is worrying. goes well if used with care. That said, OnePlus might want to examine the structure of its next flagship. Perhaps the OnePlus 10 Ultra holds up better.

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