Nothing headphones: how to enable noise cancellation and other modes

Nothing Ear (1) are a unique pair of truly wireless stereo headphones, boasting a semi-transparent design with plenty of features and decent battery life. However, for new and existing owners who want to get the most out of the headphones experience, they might consider downloading the corresponding smartphone app, and especially when it comes to toggling between turning on noise cancellation and the other modes. sound.

Launched in August of last year, the headphones sold over 100,000 units in the first few months, despite competing on price with other wireless headphones like the OnePlus Buds Pro. More recently, Nothing released a firmware update that adds support for voice assistants and headphones. With the added support, Android and iOS users can quickly and easily access Google Assistant and Siri, respectively. In addition to using Amazon Alexa, as and when needed.

Ear nada (1) comes with different sound modes consisting of noise cancelling, transparency and normal. Based on the environment the wearer is in and the amount of background noise present, the wearer can switch between these modes by tapping and holding the touch sensor on the headphones. causes the headphones to produce distinct feedback sounds to represent the activation of different modes. While users may notice a sudden drop in background noise when activating noise canceling mode, transparency mode enhances background noise. However, this method can be confusing for some users considering the audio feedback is a bit difficult to understand.

Noise cancellation mode on Nothing Ear 1 app
The easiest way to activate noise cancellation and other modes on Nothing’s headphones is through the ear app (1), which is available for download on Android devices via the Google App Store and on iPhone via the App Store. applications. Once the app is installed on a device, it connects to Nothing headphones in seconds. Afterwards, users can easily switch between the different sound modes using the ‘Listen’ button on the app’s home screen. Enabling transparency, or any other mode, is as simple as tapping an icon on your smartphone screen. In addition to the three sound modes, the Nothing Ear app (1) also allows users to customize the output with the help of a built-in equalizer.

The Nothing Ear app (1) can also be used for other purposes. Firstly, the app displays the amount of battery remaining for each earphone, along with the charging case. Second, there’s also the option to customize tap gestures like triple-tap to play the next song and double tap to play/pause. In addition, in-ear detection, low latency mode and Find My headphones, among other features, can also be controlled through the app, making it a valid download option for any owner of Nothing’s headphones.

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