Is the DeLorean doing an EV? here’s everything we know

The DeLorean is perhaps the only car to become world famous despite failing in the market. With its gull-wing doors, it became iconic in the 1980s after appearing in Back to the Future and its sequels, where it ran like a time machine. Unfortunately, in the real world, the car itself suffered all sorts of malfunctions. , including commonly not starting the engine.

The DeLorean company went bankrupt in 1982, shortly after company founder John DeLorean was arrested in a $24 million cocaine deal. The DeLorean production film says that John made the deal in a desperate attempt to finance his company that was bleeding money.

Recently, DeLorean surprised everyone with a 15-second ad during the Super Bowl. Unfortunately, the ad itself posed more questions than answers. During the ad, the dim silhouette of a futuristic DeLorean lit up against an all-black background. In the ad, the car opened wing-style doors with a slogan that referred to the future. The new official DeLorean website is now also showing the same ad. A full reveal of an all-electric DeLorean is expected later this year.

The DeLorean brand has changed hands three times. It is now led by former Karma Automotive executives. Karma Automotives is a brand of high-performance, ultra-luxury, all-electric electric vehicles. Their cars follow the line of GTs, Lamborghinis and other sports cars. The DeLorean company is now called DeLorean Motors Reimagined Until former Karma executives joined the brand, DeLorean was strictly dedicated to restoring and equipping models made from 1981 to 1982. That could change drastically soon.

There are two possibilities for the new DeLorean EV. One chance is that the DeLorean will simply update the existing model, following the retro trend of turning classic, vintage cars into modern EV cars. The other option, the more likely given the new energy flowing through the company, is that the DeLorean will be driven by the know-how and experience of former Karma Automotive execs and ultimately be upgraded.

Other than full disclosure, the DeLorean did not provide any information. However, looking at Karma Automotives’ designs, it’s easy to imagine a futuristic DeLorean EV. Automotive designers have for years imagined what the DeLorean would look like if they were brought into the present. In the 1980s, when the DeLorean was launched, its lines were by far the most innovative on the market. DeLorean wants to start the engine again and move forward into the future.

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