Here’s Why iPhone 14 Battery Life Will Be Very Good

It’s starting to look like the iPhone 14 is almost certain to have a very good battery life, giving Apple an edge over competitors. There are a few different reasons to believe this, having to do with the miniaturization of certain components and other refinements. As the time between charges continues to increase, super-fast charging starts to lose its appeal, as pushing charging to the extreme can be tough on batteries.

The iPhone’s battery capacity is generally less than that of flagship Android phones, but uptime has always been acceptable, with Apple’s claims of all-day battery life being commonplace. one hour period. Usage also greatly affects the time between charges. Playing audio with the screen off, for example, provides maximum runtime while streaming video uses more resources and reduces battery life. Despite this challenge, Apple boasts that the iPhone 13 can get 15 hours of video streaming and the iPhone 13 Pro Max can last a whopping 25 hours.

The iPhone 14’s battery life could be even better. Economic daily news supply chain sources suggest Apple will switch to a different radio frequency transceiver in 2022 rather than using Qualcomm’s solution. The RF array antenna works together with the 5G modem to connect to cellular signals and provide mobile internet. The RF chip, found in the iPhone 13, uses a 14-nanometer process. This new design is said to use TSMC’s 6 nanometer node, which can bring significant energy savings. 5G is one of the most demanding drains on battery life, so this could have a big impact on the iPhone 14’s runtime.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max lasts a long time on a single charge. This is partly due to the device’s large size, allowing for greater battery capacity. Other factors include the A15 chip, which uses a 5-nanometer process chip, and its ProMotion display. The latter can reduce the screen refresh rate to just once per second or increase it up to 120 times per second as needed. Screen updates are very draining on battery life, so this change has brought about a dramatic increase in battery life.

The iPhone 14 can use a much smaller and more efficient RF transceiver, which reduces battery usage and frees up space for a larger battery. node, providing additional energy savings. iPhone 14 could offer incredible battery life, extending beyond all day and into the night.

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